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Results Splits
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Trail Run Split
Orienteering Split
Fell Race Split
Hill Climb Split


Codes The codes in the splits and on your till reciept at the finish reflect the locations you visited.

FRS - fell run start, FRT - fell run top, FRF - fell run finish
HCS - hill climb start, HCF - hill climb finish
M1 to M11 - controls on the Moel Fammau Trek
TR1 to TR8 - controls on the Trevor Trek
TRS - trail run start, TRV - trail run viewpoint, TRN - trail run sign, TRF - trail run finish
OS - orienteering start, O1 to O5 - orienteering controls, OF - orienteering finish
CEa - climb easy route A, CEb - climb easy route B, CMa - climb medium route A, etc..