Open12 - Peak District - 28-Jun-2008

Updated 02-Jul-2008 10:52:15

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Geeks.. A quick word about how we managed the scoring on this event, as it might help make sense of the results. As we had a scoring section (Go-Ape) before the start of the 12 hours, we had to fool the software in to thinking you had started. We set all competitors off on a mass start time of 17.00 and then used a facility in the software to ignore the time between controls (usually used on road crossings in orienteering events). So in this case it ignored the time between 17.00 and control 51 (the start).

Particular thanks to Alan Hartley of Sportident who helped us set up the software for this event and was at the end of the phone even though he was rattling around a MTB Orienteering event in Scotland.