Trail Run

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10km, 0 controls

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Tom Addison Helm Hill Male 00:37:23
2nd Andy Greenleaf Serpentine Running Club Male 00:38:16
3rd Tom Tipping   Male 00:40:13
4th David Beech   Male 00:40:28
5th John French Eden Runners Male 00:41:05
6th Thomas Durcan   Male 00:41:16
7th Paul Dugdale Helm Hill Runners Male 00:42:16
8th Annie Conway Ambleside AC Female 00:42:23
9th Jonathan Cox Eden Runners Male 00:43:14
10th Paul Neild   Male 00:43:23
11th Craig Burrow Helm Hill Male 00:43:37
12th Robbie Ingham   Male 00:43:42
13th Tim Hunt   Male 00:43:46
14th Andy Thompson Helm Hill Male 00:43:47
15th Harvey Lord   Male 00:43:57
16th Nick Radford   Male 00:44:17
17th Simeon Musgreave Saiyan Warrior Male 00:44:28
18th Paul Reilly Coniston fell runners Male 00:44:34
19th Rob Harper Kendal AC Male 00:44:46
20th Warren Mason Mark Patterson Fan Club Male 00:44:47
21st Bernard Gilmartin Eden Male 00:44:48
22nd Matt Wilson Kendal AC Male 00:44:51
23rd Jim Andrews Coniston FRC Male 00:45:13
24th Archie Parks   Male 00:45:33
25th Oliver Kenyon HBT Male 00:45:38
26th Colin Jennings   Male 00:45:43
27th Sharon Taylor Helm Hill Female 00:45:47
28th Jonny Marchant   Male 00:46:20
29th= Pete Marston CFR Male 00:46:45
29th= Ueli Steck Mountain Hardwear Male 00:46:45
31st Paul MacFarlane Batala Lancaster Male 00:46:46
32nd Chris Naylor   Male 00:46:47
33rd James Baron   Male 00:46:49
34th Ryan Stoddart   Male 00:46:53
35th Andy Bond   Male 00:46:55
36th David White Helm Hill Male 00:46:58
37th Daniel Jephcott Harlow Running Club Male 00:47:03
38th Alasdair Muir   Male 00:47:09
39th Kevin Avery   Male 00:47:10
40th Simon Fox Wirral AC Male 00:47:17
41st= Robert Crawford Coniston fr Male 00:47:22
41st= Matthew Howard   Male 00:47:22
43rd David Ramsay   Male 00:47:26
44th Dennis Nelson Dallam Male 00:47:31
45th James Southworth Carry On Cleggworths! Male 00:47:33
46th Philip Bowker   Male 00:47:40
47th Martin Spooner   Male 00:48:00
48th Paul Atkinson   Male 00:48:16
49th Ian Hansen   Male 00:48:25
50th Gary Lane   Male 00:48:36
51st Gus McKendrick   Male 00:48:46
52nd John Armitstead Helm Hill Male 00:48:48
53rd Matthew Dunster   Male 00:48:59
54th Brian Thompson Helm Hill Male 00:49:01
55th Phil Whiting   Male 00:49:02
56th Rob Jones Keswick AFC Male 00:49:03
57th Claire Aspinall Pennine Fell Runners Female 00:49:15
58th John Andrewartha   Male 00:49:22
59th James Morgan   Male 00:49:27
60th Karen Bridge Eden Runners Female 00:49:33
61st Malcolm Wilkinson HBT Male 00:49:48
62nd= Timothy Miles   Male 00:49:56
62nd= Gordon Johnstone   Male 00:49:56
64th Ivan Muckle   Male 00:50:00
65th Mark Mason Kendal AAC Male 00:50:12
66th Richard Wilson   Male 00:50:21
67th Tom Southward Glaxo Hoad Hill Harriers Male 00:50:23
68th John Douglas   Male 00:50:27
69th Karl Mason Helm Hill Male 00:50:31
70th Ryan Scott   Male 00:50:33
71st James Warner Sith   Male 00:50:37
72nd Julie Menzies   Female 00:50:43
73rd Neil Burnett   Male 00:50:48
74th Sam Kidd   Male 00:50:50
75th Graham Jackson   Male 00:50:51
76th Simon Little   Male 00:51:00
77th Catherine Niblock Helm Hill Female 00:51:15
78th Matt Benson kendal mountain rescue Male 00:51:23
79th= Andy Mingay   Male 00:51:32
79th= Geoff Farmer   Male 00:51:32
81st Rhys Henderson   Male 00:51:52
82nd Corinne Watson   Female 00:52:10
83rd Colin Scotchford   Male 00:52:20
84th Melanie McDonald British Military Fitness Female 00:52:23
85th= Carrie Gibson Helm hill Female 00:52:24
85th= Josh Musgreave Saiyan Male 00:52:24
87th Kev Illingworth   Male 00:52:26
88th Chris Moss   Male 00:52:28
89th Chris Schofield   Male 00:52:30
90th Patrick Willink   Male 00:52:36
91st John Quine Kendal AC Male 00:52:41
92nd Jon Sykes   Male 00:52:49
93rd Jason Berry Team Jason!! Male 00:53:01
94th Paul Gillard 10k running pals Male 00:53:09
95th= Caroline Muhamad   Female 00:53:16
95th= Andrew Ecles Unattached Male 00:53:16
97th Christine Johnson SleekerSwim Racing Team Female 00:53:20
98th Martin Pyrah   Male 00:53:22
99th Alistair Woodland   Male 00:53:23
100th= Joanna Cowper   Female 00:53:27
100th= Emily Clegg Carry On Cleggworths! Female 00:53:27
102nd David Mellor   Male 00:53:31
103rd Steven Burton   Male 00:53:39
104th Kris Carson   Male 00:53:40
105th William Coupe Helm Hill Male 00:53:49
106th Graham Smith   Male 00:53:58
107th Paul Crosby Kendal Mountain Rescue Male 00:54:19
108th Robin Almond   Male 00:54:24
109th Andy Phillips   Male 00:54:30
110th= Baz Bignell   Male 00:54:32
110th= Catriona Sutherland   Female 00:54:32
112th Paul James   Male 00:54:34
113th= Ian MacKenzie Lenzie Legs Male 00:54:39
113th= Ross McKelvie   Male 00:54:39
115th Helen Minnikin-Spring   Female 00:54:40
116th John Ball Bally on his Bill Male 00:54:48
117th Melissa McGuire   Female 00:55:11
118th Steph Wilson   Female 00:55:14
119th Andrew Walker Eden Runners Male 00:55:29
120th Neill Berry   Male 00:55:36
121st Jesse Cosway   Male 00:55:37
122nd= Rebecca Gledhill What Usain? Female 00:55:42
122nd= Dave Corso   Male 00:55:42
124th Cath Musetti Ambleside AC Female 00:56:03
125th Chloe Naylor Eden Runners Female 00:56:06
126th Paul Carlisle   Male 00:56:12
127th Matt McGinley   Male 00:56:53
128th Mike Gilpin   Male 00:56:57
129th Jackie Chapman   Female 00:56:59
130th Bruce McLoughlin   Male 00:57:04
131st Mike Collins   Male 00:57:09
132nd Katherine France Helm Hill Runners Female 00:57:23
133rd Amanda Burrow Helm Hill Female 00:57:24
134th Jim Heron buckshaw fitness Male 00:57:31
135th= Robert Poole   Male 00:57:44
135th= Ian Mitchell Helm Hill Runners Male 00:57:44
137th Roger Fellows   Male 00:58:01
138th= Alistair Bell   Male 00:58:03
138th= James Brown   Male 00:58:03
140th Marie Robson Helm Hill Female 00:58:07
141st Anthony Harrison   Male 00:58:27
142nd Christine Jennings Powered By Pies Female 00:58:28
143rd Jennifer Duncan   Female 00:58:37
144th Edward Welti   Male 00:58:39
145th Ryan Beardsworth Gladiators Male 00:58:49
146th= Andy Gibson   Male 00:58:56
146th= Robert Hartley   Male 00:58:56
148th John McEvoy   Male 00:58:59
149th Caroline Hoppe   Female 00:59:01
150th Stuart Bell   Male 00:59:24
151st Simon Bullock Arragons Cycles Male 00:59:28
152nd= Iain McMaster Fearless Egbert Male 00:59:34
152nd= James Maddison   Male 00:59:34
154th Ian Moore fearless egbert Male 00:59:36
155th Stephen Tysome   Male 00:59:37
156th Julian Wentworth   Male 00:59:40
157th Kasia Baldwin   Female 00:59:43
158th Scott Davenport Scott Davenport Male 00:59:47
159th Amanda Mellor   Female 01:00:08
160th John Thompson   Male 01:00:27
161st George Wilson   Male 01:00:29
162nd Nathan Davies Nathanat40 Male 01:00:32
163rd= Lisa Spratling Lakeland Lisa Female 01:00:41
163rd= Kath Hoyer Blackpool Lassie Female 01:00:41
165th Edward Ireland   Male 01:00:59
166th Rosie Thompson   Female 01:01:09
167th Vinn McGuire   Male 01:01:16
168th Jon Drysdale   Male 01:01:25
169th Catherine Benson   Female 01:01:29
170th Cherry Bedford   Female 01:01:30
171st Helen Greenep   Female 01:01:34
172nd Bethan Naylor   Female 01:01:41
173rd Zoe Strong Hunters Bog Trotters Female 01:02:02
174th Simon Richardson   Male 01:02:06
175th John-paul Hogan   Male 01:02:07
176th Chloe Brown   Female 01:02:08
177th Malcolm Nicholas   Male 01:02:21
178th Yolanda Spooner   Female 01:02:32
179th Adam Smith   Male 01:02:34
180th Ruth Beal   Female 01:03:01
181st William Knight Kew AC Male 01:03:17
182nd Dave Waywell Wesham Road Runners Male 01:03:24
183rd Aaron Hesketh   Male 01:03:26
184th Rob Tidd   Male 01:03:30
185th Tim Butler Team and Biscuits Male 01:03:42
186th Lindsay Buck   Female 01:03:51
187th= Ayward Weston Blacks - Life Outdoors Male 01:03:59
187th= Oliver White Oli Male 01:03:59
189th Josie Sanderson   Female 01:04:06
190th= Gerard Conway   Male 01:04:32
190th= Philip Lee   Male 01:04:32
192nd Lesley Houfe   Female 01:04:36
193rd= Kate Wilson   Female 01:04:42
193rd= Garry Vernon   Male 01:04:42
195th Jonathan Newth   Male 01:04:43
196th Claire Stringer   Female 01:04:45
197th Ian Robinson   Male 01:04:52
198th Marianne Sevray Unbleachables Female 01:04:53
199th Hiedi Lazenby   Female 01:04:54
200th Kelly Meyrick   Female 01:04:58
201st Ian Meyrick   Male 01:04:59
202nd Phil Corris Lancashire Constabulary Male 01:05:32
203rd Stephen Lamb   Male 01:05:58
204th Dawn Lamb   Female 01:05:59
205th Mark Standbridge   Male 01:06:48
206th Antonia Pegden   Female 01:06:49
207th Annie Carrington   Female 01:06:59
208th Steven Humphreys   Male 01:07:00
209th Sarah Smith   Female 01:07:25
210th Lee Blakey   Male 01:08:18
211th Dave Cryer The Badgers Male 01:08:27
212th Lynette Leck The Badgers Female 01:08:28
213th Nicholas Taylor   Male 01:08:32
214th Sally Rennoldson   Female 01:08:46
215th= Amy Wilkin   Female 01:08:50
215th= Anita Holmes   Female 01:08:50
217th Barney Poulton Buckaroo Elite Male 01:08:57
218th Jennie Platt   Female 01:09:22
219th Kevin Cornwell   Male 01:09:23
220th Dave Walton Dave Walton Male 01:09:24
221st Sarah Roe   Female 01:09:25
222nd Rachael Atkinson   Female 01:09:41
223rd Jon Dalton   Male 01:09:45
224th Dean Pallister   Male 01:09:51
225th Jojo Cook Jojo Female 01:09:59
226th Andy White   Male 01:10:01
227th Ann Hurst   Female 01:10:08
228th Alison Walker   Female 01:10:09
229th Patricia Bashforth   Female 01:10:18
230th Alison Beard   Female 01:10:40
231st Jack Thomson   Male 01:10:51
232nd Juliet Wallwork Juliet Female 01:11:02
233rd Anthony Orr   Male 01:11:25
234th Frances Smith The Boomtings Female 01:11:27
235th Claire Watkin   Female 01:11:33
236th Jennifer Harris   Female 01:11:35
237th Ann-marie Verner   Female 01:12:18
238th Helen Zeller Zell Female 01:13:34
239th Ian Zeller Zell Male 01:13:35
240th Eeva Kuisma   Female 01:14:26
241st Alex Ashworth   Female 01:14:52
242nd Elizabeth Adams   Female 01:15:28
243rd Catherine Derbyshire   Female 01:15:34
244th Emma McColm 10k Running Pals Female 01:15:47
245th Helen Pye 10k running pals Female 01:15:48
246th Lesley Allison   Female 01:17:14
247th Sarah Haworth   Female 01:17:21
248th Jonathan Pritchard   Male 01:19:11
249th Alina Graham   Female 01:19:14
250th Gale Blackburn Beast runner Female 01:19:19
251st Chloe Booth   Female 01:19:52
252nd Phillipa Haworth   Female 01:20:19
253rd Bex Salmon   Female 01:24:47
254th Victoria Rae   Female 01:41:36