Position Name(s) Club Age Time
1st Tom Needham Leeds AR (leedsar.co.uk) 40+ 0:18
2nd Kim Collison Team Mountain Hardwear 1:11
3rd Simon Enderby For Goodness Shakes 1:31
4th Dawn Westrum 2:02
5th Stephen Jobson/Jim Swanson SJS 2:03
6th Scott Smith EDBikes 2:10
7th Alex Pilkington/Sam Ware Team Mountain Hardwear 2:14
8th Heather Jackson/Andrew Watts 2:15
9th Helen Baker Dr Gonzo Bobo 2:18
10th Steve Best carnethy 2:46
11th Chris Heppenstall 2:47
12th David Frame 50+ 2:50
13th Stuart Lynch/Fiona McBryde FGS 2:52
14th Barbara Lonsdale/Alistair Morris For Goodness Shakes! 3:00
15th Alan Hartley Eden Wheelers 3:03
16th Anna Sloan SALT back in training 3:07
17th Jill Eccleston/Sharon McDonald Castleberg 3:18
18th Timmy May Peebles CC 50+ 3:19
19th Kris Smith Team EnduranceLife 3:36
20th Anthony Emmet/Sally Ozanne Team Mountain Hardwear 3:41
21st Vicky Harold Go Outdoors 3:51
22nd Tom Gibbs/Chris Hope Adidas TERREX / KMB 3:54
23rd= Lisa Whetter/Sue Woods 3:58
23rd= Chris Morgan 3:58
25th Nicki Barron Open Adventure 4:03
26th Kristi Hayes/Sophie Roberts Team Pal 4:06
27th Ian Furlong/Renne Saxton Total XC 4:17
28th Iain Richardson Adventure Zone Scotland 4:27
29th Megan Dale/Chris Dale Northern Monkeyz 4:29
30th Mick Kenyon racingsnakes.com 40+ 4:31
31st William Graham Han solo 4:35
32nd Fiona Poulter Tri Active Stirling 4:40
33rd Simon Granger Team Elliot 4:48
34th Alex Kemp 4:50
35th Graham Coull/Keith Wilkinson Team TriActive 4:53
36th Astrid Gibbs/Samantha Noble 4:57
37th Elizabeth Adams/Marie Meldrum 5:00
38th Mark Beaumont/Bruce Duncan Team Haglofs 5:02
39th= Andy Harthog/Simon Randfield hedgies wedgies 5:04
39th= David Thomas JJH 40+ 5:04
41st Rich Maywhort/Sarah Smith 5:05
42nd Chris Maudsley/Tracy Wilson Team Castleberg Outdoors 5:11
43rd= Marty Lee/John Ryan Top Bananas 5:22
43rd= Rachel Henderson 5:22
45th Oliver Bratton 5:29
46th Paul Welsh Dr Bobo 40+ 5:32
47th Tim Laycock 50+ 5:47
48th= Pete Robinson Robinson of Sherwood 50+ 5:49
48th= Laura Appleby/Katie Stopher The Good...The Bad 5:49
50th Kevin Barron 40+ 5:54
51st Robin Almond/Russell White Team Gingercake 5:59
52nd Jonathan Ellis Top Bananas 6:10
53rd Ben Joynson 6:13
54th Tim Chad/Nigel Shekleton The Young & The Wreckless 6:14
55th Malcolm Cox Spider 60+ 6:23
56th David Jones NEW START !! 40+ 6:29
57th Catharine Horn/Eilidh Yates 6:37
58th Katinka Dijk/Andy Mitchell ForGoodnessShakes! 6:39
59th Anthony Cooper Helm Hill Runners 6:42
60th Mark Higginbottom Gripped and sorted 40+ 6:48
61st James Watson 6:56
62nd Oliver Green 7:02
63rd Alan Findlay/David Oliphant Tri Active Stirling 7:03
64th Alan Strachan 40+ 7:05
65th Alistair Cox Tinto Hill Runners 7:07
66th Chris Holcroft 7:25
67th Susan Barber/Andy Lawrence Havin' a Laugh! 7:38
68th Jill Kisler/Jonathan Kisler Team Sardine 7:56
69th Tristan MacLennan/Lewis Robinson Starchie Crew 2 8:04
70th Brian McCoubrey 8:35
71st Rowena Bell-Scott/Jessica Halliday 8:36
72nd Julia Kingsbury/Mark Logie Mark and Jules 8:51
73rd James McKay/Ryan Reid T2000 9:00
74th John Baker/Jon De Main TwoJuns 9:07
75th Jill Dawes/Mike Hargreaves 9:12
76th Colin Woolford 9:13
77th Tara King/Nicola Rogers 9:31
78th Paul Jennings/Christine Jennings Are We Nearly There Yet? 9:51
79th Andy Scaife 50+ 9:54
80th Nick Strange/Stuart Wilson Stirling Tri C team 9:58
81st= Peter Rostron/Lisa Stapleton Team Haglofs 10:07
81st= Kathleen Henderson/Kieron Ross 10:07
83rd Robert Campbell RANTOUTLOUD 50+ 10:13
84th Sue Booth/Louise Hanley 10:17
85th Jonathan Tombs 40+ 10:20
86th Cassie Crawford/Mark Wear Hell on the harbour 11:52
87th Stephen Couch/Andrew McLennan SMBO 12:13
88th Tracy Wright/Andrew Wright Team Love Banana 12:23
89th Joseph Gibson/Penny Noel 12:29
90th Tom Johnson Mersey RC 12:33
91st Radek Ostrowski/Francisco Villalvilla 12:35
92nd Tim Lacey/Duncan MacDonald Rsez 12:50
93rd Matthew Humphreys/David Milodowski RAVE 14:00
94th Donald Waters/Joe Winstanley Team Soreen 14:02
95th Tim Beesley Durka Durka! 15:00
96th David Nicholson grip and pace 40+ 16:28
97th Alan Cameron Colonel Kurts 40+ 17:36
98th Alison McQuillen/Louise Rattray WLClarion Lithgae Lassies 18:57
99th Tim Ferm/Graham Smith Team Haglofs 19:37
100th Steve Cox/Jenny Symons BMF Dumfermline 20:01
101st John Johnston/Steve Watson Forever Young 20:27
102nd Craig Davenport/Pete Gilchrist WBDLTC 21:10