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Important note on these results.

I'll keep it brief as it is late and i'm danger of putting some trite comments in and what you want to know is how you faired. Scoring was to be frank a bit of nightmare due to two controls being stolen and another vandalised (and would you believe it another went missing between you guys finishing and us collecting it!) - How very odd?? Steve Mclean has done a cracking job of sorting out the results.

First of all I made a mistake at the prize giving and I'd like to give my unreserved apologies to both Emma Van Der Gught /Jack Venner and Debbie Smith / David Spence. Emma and Jack actually took third place beating David and Debbie. Prizes on the way..

Secondly before my inbox gets blasted.. with "Oh I forgot I visited that control, can you add it to my score" - in summary in a very polite kind of way.. eh no. If you didn't mention it to Lisa or Steve when you downloaded I'm afraid you have missed out. And secondly a few who were late and over the 5 hours have asked to be credited the points lost whilst looking for stolen controls, again its a no. I'll happily discuss on Sleepmonsters if anyone wants to, but it would be an impossible mission to balance the books.

Lastly just like to pass my thanks to Charlotte, Mick, Jim, Hilary, Megan, Sian, Steve, Jodie, Scott, Ruth, Dave, Tim, Helen, my Good wife Lisa and in particular Ian Nicol who went out in some particularly foul weather rather late to collect in the last remaining checkpoints.

Thought I'd leave you with a nice photo of checkpoint 31.. taken before the event on a nice cold day.

James Thurlow.