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Richard LoganA note on the planner - Richard Logan.

I would just like to pass my thanks and best wishes to Richard Logan who assisted me in planning this event. Richard is a regular competitor with Open Adventure, however sadly earlier this year he was admitted to Bradford Royal Infirmary with Leukemia. Beverly, Richards wife contacted us and asked if we could send some maps from old events for Richard to look at during his treatment (we emptied our filling cabinet and sent 20!).

Later this summer we contacted Richard as someone who had studied our maps and asked if he would care to plot potential controls on a couple of blank maps for the area. Knowing the area well we would tweak it to avoid sensitive areas and the not so good MTBing (OK you can smile). The result was 80% Richards work - sadly Richard was not able to make the event but I have no doubt that he will be studying the routes you all took.

We have been grateful to the landowners in the area none of whom have charged us for access and as such we have decided to donate this normal fee of £1.50 per competitor to a charity nominated by Richard. The "Annette Fox Leukemia Research" if you feel so inclined and wish to top up this donation please see

I'm sure you will join Lisa and I in wishing Richard and his family a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

James Thurlow.