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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail.

I’m being charged for Sportident Card hire yet I have my own card how can I remove this charge.

Answer Go in to your profile on our entries system and click edit profile, add you SI card number and save.

Can I use a GPS on Open Events?

Answer: we would ask that competitors do not use GPS’s for navigation in these events.
We recognise that some competitors do use GPS’s to record routes and for post event analysis. If this is your situation please feel free to bring the GPS with you however we would ask that it is not referred to within the event.

Is towing cheating?

Answer: towing is common place in Adventure Races both on Mountain Bikes and in running throughout the UK – it is also allowed on Open events.

Is the navigation difficult?

Answer: For the Mountain Biking the level of navigation is limited by the fact that you are only allowed to cycle on public bridleways, byways and public roads – However we do try and find locations that provide a reasonable network of routes.
For orienteers the running is equivalent to a red event and will major on the use of public rights of way.

Am I fit enough?

Answer: For the open5 events it is a score format. Which means you visit as many points as you wish in 5hrs – if you want to finish after 3hrs that’s fine.
It is also OK to walk – it is said that if you walk yet your navigation is excellent you are very unlikely to come last
Whatever you do we hope you enjoy the outdoors.

How old do you have to be to compete?

Answer: The minimum age for Open Adventure events is 18, however for the Open5 series it is possible for 14-17 year olds to compete if they are partnered with their legal guardian. This is subject to the discretion of the event director.

Is Open Adventure insured?

Answer: Open Adventure has public liability insurance to cover its events.
This however does not cover personal injury, if this is of concern we would recommend that you take out personal insurance to cover all eventualities in your outdoor endeavours.

Do you run any training courses?

Answer: Open Adventure does not currently run any courses. Joe Faulkner runs Nav4 providing training for all types of Off-Road Running and Biking. Total Adventure based on Lake Windermere also run Adventure Racing Training Sessions.

Is the mountain biking very steep and technical?

Answer: Generally speaking the terrain which these events take place is non-technical. Where there is a very steep section we will endeavour to indicate this on the map. We would generally expect these sections to cover less than 10% of the route you take.
In other words if you are a downhill mountain biker you probably won’t get your fix at one of our events.

Why is Adventure Racing so expensive?

Answer: Actually if you can find an Adventure Race in this country cheaper (which is insured and still running after the first year) tell us about it and we will meet you there.
Adventure Racing does not easily fit under any association (BOF, Trailquest, Athletics, etc.) hence Adventure Races are often independently insured which is very expensive.

What food and drink do you suggest I bring to the open5 events?

Answer: This is an impossible question to answer in 10 lines. However a few pointers; your body really does not have enough fuel to continue at any pace for 5hrs so you have to eat. Some people prefer tuna rolls others get very excited about technical drinks and gels (EAS, high5, SIS, Isostar, etc) whatever you do – use it in training not just on the day otherwise you are likely to regret it.

For the open5 event do I wear running or cycling shorts?

Answer: For the 5hr event the answer much depends on how tough your butt is.
Many racers find they are quite comfortable running in cycling shorts. However most people do find it very uncomfortable to cycle in running shorts, they generally walk like John Wayne and spend hours sitting on the toilet as that is only place they feel comfortable.

I’m being charged for Sportident Card hire yet I have my own card how can I remove this charge?

Answer: Go into your profile on our entries system and click edit profile, add you SI card number and save.