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Open5 Series

2021 is the Fifteenth series of Open5 Adventure Races. Mountain Biking, Running, Navigation and ADVENTURE!

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The start:

How It Works 2The start is indicated on the map with a red triangle, it will also double up as the transition between the bike and run. The transition will have a taped off area for your bike and kit and a marshal is in attendance throughout the event. Although we can’t guarantee the security of your kit we do select locations that can be easily monitored throughout the day.

If you have not decided already you will now need to make up your mind as to whether you run or MTB first. We can’t advise which is the best, as it depends on your strengths; we have had winners using both approaches.

What you should realise is that once you have completed either the run or the MTB stage and passed through the transition you can’t go back to it later. (e.g. you can not run then MTB then back to run)

How It Works 2

You can then start when you like.

When you are ready to start you will then punch the start control and your five hours begins. The aim is to visit as many of the controls as you can. As you pass the start line a marshal will hand you a list of control descriptions for the run and the MTB. Each control has a value (usually from 5 – 50) however some are not worth anything, they don’t exist so be sure to mark these on your map (a fine line OHP permanent marker is handy for this).

The control descriptions look something like this…

How It Works 2

The description is split in two – the first half lists the broad location of the control; always referring to a feature identifiable on the map. The second half identifies the precise location of the control.

During the race you need to make decisions about which route to take and how long to spend on the bike or on foot. A couple of hints – we design the course so that the fastest competitors may just clear it. So, unless you’re a whippet look at the map and decide how many controls you intend to collect with this in mind.

How It Works 2The transition:

No doubt you will fly back in to transition either on your bike or on foot like a gazelle, hankering for more. A lot of time can be lost in the transition it is definitely a black hole for time. Make sure you eat and drink something – you won’t make five hours even at the most moderate pace unless you do.

On the way out of the transition you will need to punch the ‘transition out’ control box.

The finish:

How It Works 2If you find yourself going over the five hours you will start incurring penalties and will start loosing all those hard earned points so if its your first event plan to come back early. Competitors are generally a lot happier if they leave the day thinking they could have done more rather than they did too much.

Don’t forget to punch the finish box as you pass under the finish line.

Take five minutes and a good guzzle of some fluid.

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