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February Open Adventure Newsletter

Last month I found myself running across some great hills and down great paths on a local event across Whitbarrow Scar. I've driven passed this landmark 100s of times yet never run here, felt ashamed that I'd missed this great gem.

At Open Adventure we are about finding these gems, for me some of the most exciting events are the ones where competitors come back and say I had no idea that was there. Check out what we have to offer and we are pretty sure it will put a smile on your face.

Haglöfs Open5 Series

Cracking on with the Open5 Series, it's the turn of the Yorkshire Dales - and what a gem that is. Without question some of the best mountain biking in the country, whatever the weather (and it will be sunny). Grassington is the local town hosting the event, expect a great day out on foot and on wheels.

Did you miss the Mendips? The weather both snow and rain did its best to scare us off but fortunately most had passed by the time we had arrived. Check out the smiles (and falls) as Eddie Winthorpe our local planner took happy racers on a tour of this great part of the world.

Haglöfs are turning up the gas with their new Intense Range of clothing. Castleberg will be on site in Grassington offering some pretty special deals only available to those who can be bothered to get out of bed and go racing - if you need kit check these guys out first.


Haglöfs Open5 Series

Skill Up

In association with Haglöfs and as part of the Open5 series we are helping competitors skill up to go faster, score more points and have bigger grins in Open5s. The aim of the days are not to bust people or to write 6 week training plans. Each day will be practical, topic based and will be a mixture of getting outside as well as looking at bikes / maps and kit inside!

  • Saturday 2nd March (Yorkshire Dales) - Navigation.. We will take you through what top competitors think when they look at the map before and during the event.
  • Saturday 6th April (Lake District) - Mountain Biking.. What you need to know before you get on the bike, how to use it and what to do when it breaks down.
  • Saturday 4th May (Shropshire Hills) - Trail Running, Kit and Nutrition.. Anyone can run.. but how do they run up (or down) that? And get to grips with what you should be carrying - from cold & wet to proper sunny days.

Enter online and signup under Open5 Series - cost for each day £45 and includes free tea / coffee and lunch.




Mountain Biking

Two Day Open Event

The two day events this summer are shaping up. We had a blip with the Wales location but back on the case with a new location, likely north wales will post on Facebook when know more. But price goes up by 15% in April..


Two Day Open Event

Overground Trail Race

A new event for us, in association with the Overground Underground Festival in Ingleton and Haglöfs we are putting a 12 mile trail run on together with serial Adventure Racer and local Mick Kenyon. Check out the website here - expect no plastic medals, £2 tee shirts or coasters.



Overground Trail Race

Expedition Racing

One for the annual planner, yep Open Adventure is going to put on another expedition race in the Summer of 2014. We are working the details out now but suffice it will be another classic and will create life long memories.

For this year our coast to coast Adventure Race is back on the agenda - one that brings a smile to all who attend, in its 3rd edition we are looking forward to this great event.

If you are still itching for a bit more of the long stuff, couple of events we would suggest you take a look at.

Beast of Ballyhoura - Ivan Park is the man behind this, TERREX competitor and grinning Adventure Racer. A 40hr epic at the beginning of August in Ireland, part of the European Adventure Racing Series. 2nd to 5th August www.beastofballyhoura.com

The Heb - bit of a classic, Paul McGreal (another TERREX competitor) has put a twist on this great event in the Outer Hebridies, now no support team is required and its all neatly fitting in to a long weekend. 5th to 7th September www.theheb.org



Expedition Racing

And Finally

If you are at the AR ball this weekend in Coniston do say hello, any questions about our events don't be afraid to give me a grilling. Look forward to seeing you all at an event soon.

No worries


AR ball




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