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The Malham Mountain Hardwear Open5 event is just around the corner, we have also been busy bees putting together the New Balance Endurance Series and the new Coast to Coast Adventure Race.. snippets to follow.

Mountain Hardwear Open5 Series

MalhamDave Johnson has been busy putting together the Malham event - finding little nooks and crannies that few even explore. Malham is an amazing place to visit so even if you don't make the Open5 you should put Malham in the diary as a place to visit.

More on the Malham Open5 here www.openadventure.com/open5

The champagne in the header photo is for those that make 5000 pts in the Mountain Hardwear Open5 league - check out your placing here.

Open5 League Table

ShrekCoast to Coast

With over 200km in four days over three National Parks this will be an event to savour the magical views this country has to offer in quick succession. With a solo category that will sort out those that want to really test their ability as a racer.

The team category is for competitive teams and those wanting to take a foray into multiday events with a social angle. For the teams of three, only two will take on each stage (about 4 each day) so it will enable those that enjoy the Open5 scene a chance to enjoy the big race but on their own terms.


Coast to Coast Adventure Race - www.openadventure.com/c2c


A few of your have emailed us about dates for Open5's later this year - boy you guys are organised. Well we are still working out venues but if you want to put dates in the diary, the 09/10 Mountain Hardwear Open5 series will be on the first Sundays in Nov, Dec, Feb, March and April. You might have figured it already but the New Balance Open12 and 24 are on the last weekends in June and July and the 5+ middle of May.


Those of you who have made it to one of our events will be familiar with the Accelerate shop with Stuart and Debs. Well these guys were not content with just a gazebo so have set up shop in Sheffield. They stock kit from our two title sponsors so they know their onions when it comes to kit. If your local pop in and say "help".

629 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RD | 0845 862 0276

On that note they will be bringing a bargain or two along to Malham. They have the Mountain Hardwear whisperlight ghost smock, a stupendously lightweight top on sale from 60 notes to 45. (womens / mens)

And from New Balance they are bringing along the 840 trail shoe. Now I've managed to get my sticky pinkies on a pair of these and without overcooking the goose these are ideal for Open5's with almost a fell shoe grip yet enough cushioning to make running on hard pack trails and tarmac not feel like you are running in a pair of slippers. All for the princely sum of £50 - well worth it! (womens / mens)

And Finally

Well we hope to see you at Malham but there is a vague chance Lisa and I won't be there (don't worry it will still be happening!) - Lisa is fit to burst with twins which are about to make a break for freedom some day soon. Hope to see you soon and have a good day.

No worries
James Thurlow

QuestionsPS photos are online from Stokesley on Sleepmonsters here.

Trivia - OK over the past four years we have had over 4000 people pass through registration at our events. How many times do you think we have had to go and collect an injured competitor? never, 3, 10, 18 or 45 times. Intrigued click here for the answer.

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