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Adventure Racing has never been busier in the UK with events happening almost every weekend, not least with some pretty special surprises up North - read on to find out more.

Open12 Adventure Race

 Abseiling on Kilnsey Crag - Open24 2006

Yorkshire Dales
23/24th June

The second event of the endurance series is the Open12 on the weekend of 23/24 June in the Yorkshire Dales.  For those in the know they will realise that the Dales has plenty to offer the adrenaline seeking racer.

Expect to see our trademark "trouser fillers", excellent mountain biking, plus spectacular views on foot.

Open24 Adventure Race

Start of the Open24 in the Yorkshire Dales 2006 

Lake District
28/29th July

We will keep this speal short, suffice to say permissions are in the bag for the Open24 and we promise to take you to places you would never go on your average day in the lakes.

The Open24 will offer the most spectacular location for a start/finish, with a handy bar, food and accomodation - it would be a great place to bring friends and family to see what a nutty sport you do.


Injured, nervous, and potential racers - we want you.  Yep this is a great way to get your feet under the table of Adventure Racing. Speak to any of the top racers in the UK and most will have done an event or two as event support.  Its a great way to find out what all the fuss is about and have some fun.  Get the diaries out and pop the Open12 / 24 in the diaries and wing us an email, be great to see you.

Event Support with Open Adventure

Mountain Hardwear Open5 seriesMountain Hardwear Open5 Adventure Race Series
Keswick - May 13th

Sunday 13th May provided its own source of surprises with many racers taken aback by the great MTBing and running in the area.  For news on this just check out Anna Gracies report on Sleepmonsters here.

Its time out for the Open5 series over the summer, it will return at the end of September when we take competitors to Grassington in the centre of the Yorkshire Dales.


Open Adventure does pretty well with sponsors we hope it has something to do with the quality of events we put on and the rising number of competitors, needless to say they are keen to help both you and us out with special deals to make racing much more easier.
Anquet Mapping

Anquet are pulling one out of the bag for the endurance series, with special offers on mapping products for the Open12 and Open24.  For those competing you can find out more on this offer on our website here, in the meantime if you want to know what the fuss is about check out the Anquet Map Server website where you can download free mapping of the UK.


EAS race recoveryAt the last Open5 in Keswick EAS provided racers with energy gels and handy packets of iso-drive. What took racers completely by surprise was the delicious chocolate race recovery bars we had chopped up on the results download desk - it was like feeding time at the zoo, turn your back and a hand would sneak through the crowd to grab a cheeky second chunk.  Want some more, well EAS have provided racers with a mighty 25% discount off their products, check out their website and call 0870-350-3270 quoting OA31126


OK so these guys don't sponsor us, but hey we like what they do.  Its rare we pick up a magazine or a book of MTB routes and think these guys really do know their onions.  The MTB guide books for the lakes and dales are full of quality routes that avoid pushing up singletrack and cycling down roads.  The enduro routes are a great test for those training for the longer racers - take a look and see if they publish anything in your area.

Well thats all from us see you at the next race.

No worries
James Thurlow

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