Adventure racers

We will keep this brief - the Open24 is just around the corner.  The UK's only 24 hour adventure race. We are pretty confident that this will be better than last year with more trouser fillers and stages never seen in Adventure Racing in the UK.  The deadline for reduced entry is this weekend, whilst entries don't close until mid July. If you are hoping to be in the Yorkshire Dales at the end of July you can find the entry form here.  If your partner in crime is on the other side of the country, don't worry we can get them to sign at registration.The question that seems to find its way to our inbox daily is how many entries and when will you be full?  not sure we know the answer to the latter.  At the moment the entry limit is 75 pairs - we have 40 pairs entered, however if we go by last years trend of 60% entering in July then the event will be full - don't get caught out. 

[Andy Sallabank - technical advisor for Open Adventure somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales]

We have just updated the "Open24 event details" on the Open Adventure website with answers to common questions coming in from competitors. Click here to find out more.

We are still in need of more event support crew, so give us a bell or wing us an email if you fancy a great weekend out in the Yorkshire Dales.

Total Adventure have come up with a bit of a deal for racers competing in the Open24 - if you are in need of a climbing harness and helmet check out their package from Camp of a Rock Star helmet and a Group II harness all for just £63.  They are also offering hire packages for all the kit needed on the Open24 and have multisport helmets in stock - give Joe or Paul a bell on 015394 44451

If you happen to be at the Rat Race in Edinburugh on 15/16th July give us a shout - you won't be able to miss us Team will be competing on a mountain bike tandem.

Hope you have a great day.

No worries

James Thurlow