It's been sometime since we rattled off a newsletter about Open Adventure, with so much happening we thought it about time we stopped to tell you about it.  5hrs in the Pennines, events in 2006, new websites, and the Open5 in the Central Lakes, just to wet your appetites.

5hrs in the North Pennines

The quaint little village of Blanchland in the North Pennines was rudely awoken on Sunday morning by the pitter patter of runners and the hum of MTBers cursing Mr Thurlow for basing the 3rd Open5 event at the bottom of a hill.  Yep it was a great day, the morning mist provided at atmospheric feel to Blanchland moor yet as the day meandered on, the views showed a glimpse of this hidden part of the country.  Needless to say we had some big grins, a bit of blood and a few broken bikes, but most of all for the large number of beginners there was a huge sense of achievement.

James Kirby was in attendance snapping away so if you want some evidence check out the gallery on Sleepmonsters for the days action (click here). We have also knocked up a little event report which can be found on the Sleepmonsters website (click here).

Events in 2006

As announced in the August newsletter, we have been pulling together the diary for next year's event's.  Its an exciting line up with a few treats in store, no doubt putting smiles on faces and taking you to locations you might never stumble upon.  For the first event of 2006 we go to Hebden Bridge just outside  Halifax; local racer Mick Kenyon is the course planner, he has already been scheming ideas for this New Year wake up to Adventure Racing.  

January 22nd South Pennines - Hebden Bridge - Old Town Community Hall
March 12th North Pennines - Hamsterly Forest - Visitors Centre
May 14th South Lakes - Broughton in Furness - Primary School
October 1st Southern Yorkshire Dales - Malham - Kirkby Malham Primary School
November 26th Northern Yorkshire Dales - Fremington - TBC

Andy Sallabank and Ian Nicol who were instrumental in making this years Open24 run smoothly were found in the tea shop on Sunday in Blanchland again drafting eye popping plans for the next Open24 in the Yorkshire Dales. If this year was anything to go by its going to be a exhilarating event, just hang on for the ride and you won't be disappointed!

July 29th / 30th Yorkshire Dales - exact location details will not be revealed until 2 weeks prior to the event.

Top of the Pops

For next year the plan is to run a series ranking on the Open5 events; it will be quite simple - you won't have to do anything more than enter at least 3 of the 5 events, if you enter more we will take your top 3 scores (scoring will be a percentage of the highest score for the event).  We have pulled an informal table together for this years events using 3 out of this years 4 events, as yet we have no prize for this year's series, but hopefully come December 4th we will find something a little more than a wooden spoon!


In one year we have already started to out grow our website, we have also put it on top of our list to provide online entries for the Open5 events.  James Kirby the man behind many of the photos is on the case and is currently pulling together a website that will work with Sleepmonsters in providing this service.  The plan is to have the new website and online entries for the 2006 events available at the beginning of December.

Open5 in the Central Lakes

Yep it's the last event of the year, and it's in our back yard so expect a real corker of an experience on December 4th.  For those who competed in the Open24 you might recall (or perhaps you prefer to forget about it) the gorge jumping in Rydal Beck.  Well we are not quite based in the Beck but we are based out of Rydal Hall; the guys who gave us permission to use the beck. They host the start for the classic Fairfield Horseshoe Fell race, so they are used to having competitors milling around their very nice grounds.  Best get that entry form in to find out what we have to offer. Find out more details here

And finally

Hope you have a good day.

No worries
James Thurlow