Welcome to 2005 the first year of Open Adventure, interest in the events is bubbling with each event offering a new twist to orienteering and trailquest events.

Location Location - Open5

After considerable thought we have decided to disclose the location for each of the Open5 events.  The location will refer to the event registration and not necessarily the area of competition.  Obviously for the majority the event area is on the door step of the registration, however one event this year will require a short cycle to the start.

Details for the forthcoming event in the Yorkshire Dales are also up on the website. The spectacular Swaledale valley is the scene for what will undoubtedly be a challenging event.  For anyone new to the Dales, Swaledale promises some real gems with the scenery providing ample excuses to stop and catch a breath.  If you are free on Sunday 13th March, give it a go or if it is still a bit confusing - come along and help (give us a ring or send an e-mail).

13th March Yorkshire Dales - Reeth - Memorial Hall
22nd May South Lakes - Bowness - Windermere Canoe and Kayak
16th October North Pennines - Blanchard - Village Hall
4th December Central Lakes - TBC 

More details on the Open5 events at

Open24 - taking shape

The planning for the Open24 is taking shape, with the event based booked and the area to be used currently being surveyed.  Many ideas are rattling around for the special sections, Andy Sallabank one of the course planners has nicknamed them "Trouser Fillers" so it gives you an idea of what's in store.  It is going to be a superb event, covering some excellent areas for MTBing, trekking, canoeing and includes a brief swim - its certainly going to be difficult to remain dry on this event!.

Entry's are now open, details of the event are now on the website - so have a nosey at

And Finally ...

Have a great day

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James Thurlow

Event Director