Haglöfs Open5 Series Scoring System

It's pretty simple to compete in the Haglöfs Open5 Series, just enter and we do the rest. For more details see below:

  • You only need to compete in 3 events of the 5 to be part of the series.

  • Your best 3 scores will be used if you do more than 3 events.

  • Your score in the table will be a percentage of the highest score in your class for that event (male solos, mixed pairs, etc)

  • If you clear the course and come back early you will be awarded 2pts per min you come back before 5 hours.

  • If we find ourselves in the rare situation that 2 separate individuals / pairs score the maximum 300% in the same class at the end of the series - the winner will be the shortest time to achieve the 300%

  • Open Adventure ultimately has the final say in any disputes in regards to the Haglöfs Open5 Series. Their decision is final.

Winners of each series class will be eligible for a free entry to any Open5 event in the following series.