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Open5 Series

2021 is the Fifteenth series of Open5 Adventure Races. Mountain Biking, Running, Navigation and ADVENTURE!

Open5 Event Rules

We only have a few rules which are in place primarily for your safety and secondly to create a fair event.
We would appreciate if you would abide by these and the spirit in which they are written. Deliberate
infringement will not result in any loss of points just disqualification.

  1. Don’t take (ride or carry) your mountain bike on a footpath.
  2. Only use public rights of way or permissive tracks as indicated on the map. E.g. Forestry roads.
  3. Close gates even if someone is behind you or they were open when you arrived.
  4. Pairs to stay together (you should be able to talk to each other).
  5. If you retire, you must report to the finish.
  6. GPS units are not referred to during an event (e.g. no wrist or handlebar mounts). They can be used for route logging if desired.
  7. SportIdent Cards (dibbers) need to be affixed to wrist using Tyrek straps for pairs, available at registration.
  8. At least one run and one mountain bike control must be visited during the event.
  9. Race numbers must be worn on run stage (on the front) at all times, MTB numbers should be securely attached to the front of the MTB with the number clearly visible.
  10. Competitors should remain within 100 meters of their mountain bike during the MTB stage.
  11. Do not travel off the map.
  12. If you punch a MTB control whilst on the RUN or vice versa not only will we remove that control from your score but we will also deduct your score by 20pts for each time it happens.
  13. Competitors to race in class listed at registration. For example – female solos not to tag on to male pair or two male solos race as a pair or two pairs race as a four. Either change class (if class available) at registration and pay EOD surcharge or declare yourself non-competitive.
  14. Dogs are not allowed to accompany competitors on the course.

Competitors should be aware that these events use public rights of way (e.g. roads, bridleways, footpaths) which have other users. Competitors do not have exclusive use.

The minimum age for Open Adventure events is 18, however for the Open5 series it is possible for 14-17 year olds to compete if they are partnered with their legal guardian. This is subject to the discretion of the event director and please contact us prior to entering.

We have put together a list of mandatory kit for safety reasons however we would strongly suggest
you consider taking the items on the recommended list.

Mandatory – All sections

  • Whistle (one per person)
  • First Aid Kit
    (Minimum of crepe bandage, triangular bandage, wound dressing, 2 safety pins and 6 adhesive dressings)
  • Mobile phone
  • Money for phone
  • Foil Blanket

Mandatory – Mountain Bike

  • Cycle Helmet

Pending the weather we might also stipulate competitors to carry a waterproof jacket (with a hood or combined with a waterproof hat) – A notice will be displayed at registration if applicable.

Recommended – All Sections

  • Watch
  • Compass
  • Water
  • Food
  • Waterproof Jacket (with a hood or combined with a waterproof hat)

Recommended – Mountain Bike

  • Gloves
  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • Spare inner tube
  • Bike Tool
  • Pump
  • Cycle Computer
  • Map Board
  • Bell or horn (not compressed air type)
  • Waterproof Jacket (with a hood or combined with a waterproof hat)

Needless to say to complete the event and gain a score you will need your map, SPORTident dibber and a permanent marker to mark the control values on the map after the start.


How your scores are calculated:

The Open Adventure events use a SportIdent (SI) control box/station at the mapped locations. A SI card is affixed to your wrist at registration or solos with own cards can use finger loops.

As you progress around your chosen route, you insert the SI card into the control box. After a second or two the SI control box will beep and flash.

This action first stores the SI-card number in the control box and then the control box details on your SI card. If you do not see a flash and hear a bleep then your visit to that control has not been recorded. In this case, you must record the letters on the control box and the time when you were at the control.

Remember you’ve probably just taken 15-20 mins getting to the control location and may be a little flustered. Take a few deep breaths and concentrate purely on putting the SI card into the control box. Wait for that all important flash and bleep. If you are in a team, ensure that both of you insert your SI cards into the control box. During the six plus years Open Adventure have been using the SI control boxes and SI Cards, the equipment has never failed to record competitor information.

Back at registration, the information is retrieved from your SI Card and your score calculated electronically. A printout of your recorded control visits is provided for confirmation.

If a control is not on the printout then please let the download team know prior to prize giving. If you can provide the control letters and your visit time, we will investigate further and credit you the points where appropriate.

It is important to know that we cannot credit points after prize giving has started as we will have started to calculate not only the event but series scores too.

If you have any questions or have not used SI cards please mention this at registration and we can demonstrate how the equipment is used.


If you are more than 5hrs in collecting the controls you will incur penalties at the following rate (Please note these values will be reprinted on the control description card which will be given to you at the event)

1-10 minutes 2 points per minute
11-20 minutes    5 points per minute
21-30 minutes 10 points per minute
31-45 minutes 20 points per minute
46+ minutes lose all points

If you have any comments in regards to the rules please don’t hesitate to contact us, preferably before you infringe them.