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Happy Days

OK just put those rose tinted glasses on and think summer days and i'm sure you will feel a little warmer. Its with those summer days in mind we have launched two new events, the Open5+ and the coast to coast adventure race. The cherry is a deal with New Balance that will bring some AR glamour to the Endurance Series. Hopefully you will get a chance to enjoy the outdoors with us in 2009.

New BalanceNew Balance
Endurance Series

If you have not cottoned on, New Balance are the title sponsors for the Endurance Series. Its great to be partnering with a brand that is passionate about adventure sport and with £2000 worth of prizes to be claimed expect to see some happy bunnies leaving the Open5+, Open12 and the Open24 in 2009. For more on New Balance check out their website here

New Balance Endurance Series - www.openadventure.com/endurance

Prices for the Endurance series events go up on 1st Feb. There is also a limited number of Kayaks now available to hire for the Open24.

Mountain Hardwear Open5Open5Mountain Hardwear Open5 Series

The third event of the series is taking place this Sunday in the amazing countryside of the North York Moors. And amazing it is! Get that entry in by Thursday to avoid missing out.

More on the York Moors Open5 here www.openadventure.com/open5

Volunteers we try and avoid the call for volunteers until we really need them. Unfortunately we are a few people down on this event. So if you are a regular and super organised that can help out at registration or fancy another hour out of the hill to collect a control or two in - wing us an email.



One of our biggest fans Joe Faulkner the man behind NAV4 is putting on an Adventure Racing symposium in the middle of February. Looks like a great weekend out for those who are mad about AR. We hope to attend on the Saturday night and be part of the forum. Only a few places available - check out Joe's website to find out more. www.joefaulkner.com/symposium.html


Right then - if you made it to the 24 last year or watched the video - the kayaking was spectacular. No promises to repeat but if you do want to make the best of the experience you should get on one of the 2 star courses run by Windermere Canoe and Kayak - you can do these at your local kayak club but with WCK offering an extra 10% off for all racers its a bit of a bargain.

  • 28/29th March, 25/26th April and 23/24th May
  • Possible dates in June and July pending demand
  • £120 - 10% off this so £108 per person

You will need a 2 star (UKCC) ticket if you wish to paddle a closed cockpit boat on the C2C or the Open24 in 2009.


And Finally

We hope to see you at Stokesley, if not maybe Malham. Wherever it may be we hope you find time to get out and enjoy this spectacular country. Have a good day.

No worriesQuestions
James Thurlow

Trivia - only three people have visited all of the controls on a Mountain Hardwear Open5 - who are they and which event was it? Intrigued click here for the answer.

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