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We will keep this short.. Read on for details of our Open5 later this month, a new event and a new sponsor for 2007, plus news on people to see about a bike.


November 26th :: Reeth - Yorkshire Dales


Eighteen months ago 57 people found their way to Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales for the first ever Open Adventure event, with just 2 more weeks til our next event in Reeth we reckon numbers will be just shy of 200 - with numbers going up and up on each event, we think we might have got something right.  If you want to find out more check out the website here and come along to see what happens.  If you are not sure about competing come along and help, its a great way to see how the events work just wing us an email volunteer(at)


Mountain Hardwear Open5 Series 2007
Dates and details of next years events are already online with entries opening on27th November.  We have five new event locations - yep by the end of 2007 we will have been to 17 different locations over 3 years that's how good the north of England is for Adventure Racing.  The other big reason is because more of you are coming you don't all fit in little village halls so we have found a few bigger places for you to sup tea and chat after the event.  The first event of 2007 is Hebden Bridge and our hosts for this event are Jonathan Emberton and Phil Scarf, locals to the area they will no doubt take you to corners of the landscape few people have ever seen.


June 23/24th Yorkshire Dales

We alluded to a new event in 2007 a few months ago and a good number of you have been asking us what it is.  Well its an Open12 - yes 12 hours of adventure, this one is in the Yorkshire Dales - it will include the usual Open24 fare of trouser fillers and special stages.  We are still talking to land owners and technical staff - lets say it looks exciting.  The May Open5, the Open12 and the Open24 will form a new endurance series - more news on this next month.

New Sponsor for Open Adventure

Open Adventure is proud to announce a new sponsor on board for 2007. The man behind bringing this product to adventure racing in the UK is Nick Gracie, one of the members of "Aberdeen Asset Management" the team that won both the Wilderness ARC and the male pairs in the Open24 in 2006 so you can consider the product suitably endorsed.  Nick's put together a few words about the product below.. read on.

nuun are proud to be sponsoring the Open5 Adventure Race Series and we hope to help educate adventure racers that staying properly hydrated for 5 hours of hard racing will improve your performance.

nuun is a refreshing, portable, electrolyte replacement system for all your adventures. With a light fruity taste, nuun contains the perfect balance of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium needed for optimal hydration. Unfortunately water on its own is not enough, your body needs electrolytes to assist in absorption and help you perform to your best. Drop one effervescent tab into 500ml of water and you have the perfectly balanced electrolyte drink. There’s no messing around with powders, it’s compact, light and super easy to use.

There are three flavours to choose from Tri-Berry, Lemon & Lime and Citrus Fruit. Retailing at £5 its’ great value for money, with 12 tabs per tube making 6 litres. nuun will be available at all Open5 races from the Accelerate shop.

Team Aberdeen Asset Management discovered nuun last year and now swear buy it: ‘Staying properly hydrated is critical to performance, nuun is so easy to use on the go and it also tastes great’.

Over the past two years Open Adventure has worked with literally hundreds of landowners in running events in the North of England, needless to say once or twice issues have cropped up over access to a particular area.  By chance we happened upon the IMBA who have advised us and helped us on these difficult issues.  Its seemed only right that we became an affiliate member of the IMBA and we would heartily recommend you to take five minutes to see what the IMBA gets up to in your area.  Check out

IMBA, the International Mountain Bike Association was formed in the USA in 1988 to resolve trail closure issues in California.Today IMBA has over 30,000 worldwide members and over 600 affiliated cycle clubs, cycle shops and corporate partners which it supports from its base in Colorado.

IMBA UK was launched in 2003. The rapid growth in the popularity of mountain bike recreation in the UK has led to an increasing need for a wide range of trails and riding opportunities. IMBA UK aims to fulfil these needs by providing a focus for UK mountain bikers to work with public and private land and trail managers.


Well that's all from Open Adventure towers for this newsletter, we hope to see you at the Open5 in the Yorkshire Dales at the end of the month.  If you can't make it we hope you get out and enjoy the fresh air .... even if it is occasionally a little wet.


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