Adventure Seekers

Have an Adventure itch you need dealing with; 170 scratched that itch and found their way to the South Lakes to compete in the Open5 Adventure Race. News on this and revelations on what is happening in the Open24 - read on.

Help.... on July 29/30th

Fancy a day out, why not come along to the Open24. Its a great oppourtunity to see what happens at this sort of race, perhaps you have a partner or some friends competing - its a good way to keep track of them and see how they cope.  We can't say too much at this stage but needless to say we have a few special surprises in store for the competitors, if you fancy helping out give us a shout.  We particuarly need people early on the Sunday morning - you don't need to be fit, we won't ask you to stay up for 24 hours, and if you are helping out on the special stages you will have an oppoutunity to find out what "trouser filler" means.  email: volunteer(at)

July 29/30th :: Yorkshire Dales

Curse of the Trouser Fillers

Yep the main event of the year, we have just put a few more details up on the new Open24 webpage, you can find out more by clicking here.

Quite a few people have drawn breath at the thought of a 24hr Adventure Race, well the good news is that you can pop a tent up overnight and get some kip if need be, none of the trouser fillers are mandatory and minimum distance you have to travel is around 60km on the bike (much of it can be done on minor roads / easy tracks) and 20km on foot.  For those who want an eyes out expereince, you don't need to worry you can be pretty well assured we will provide it - it will be one of the most intense 24 hours of your life. 

The Yorkshire Dales has some real surprises for those that want to take life easy as well as the tongue waggin racer, the Yorkshire Tourist Board website is a pretty good place to have a look and found out more.  The start and finish promises to be a bit of a specticle so keep the weekend free to enjoy the ice cream and the views.  We will post details of the start / finish in the middle of July.

What a day the Broughton in Furness event turned oout to be - sun in the morning and rain in the afternoon, a full race report with photos from James Kirby is on here the resounding noise coming from competitors was of surprise that such great mountain biking and running could be found in this little known corner of the Lake District.  Results can be found here.

Malham is the next event of the year on October 1st - some way off so plenty of time to get your head around it.

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Wilderness ARC

I'm off tomorrow to help out at the Wilderness ARC its a 5 day adventure race in Scotland, many of Open Adventure's regulars are there competing including our sponsors who are out to retain their podium win last year.  If you are at the event give us a shout, I'll be helping out with the scoring for much of the event.  You can track total-adventure and the other teams on sleepmonsters coverage here

Enjoy the sun..

No worries
James Thurlow